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Have you applied for the NZ 189 visa?

Check that your supporting documents and passport are valid.
Check that your supporting documents and passport are valid.


22 April 2023

On 22 April 2023 the Government announced a direct citizenship pathway for non-protected Special Category Visa-holders.

The New Zealand Stream 189 visa will close permanently from 1 July 2023. Applications already submitted will be finalised in the coming months.

01 November 2022

The Australian Government has prioritised processing the 11,000 New Zealand Stream 189 visa (NZ 189 visa) applications currently on hand. The visa is temporarily closed to new applications from 10 December 2022 to 1 July 2023.

In a Q & A with Oz Kiwi Chair Joanne Cox Minister for Home Affairs Clare O'Neil said,

“The people who waiting in the queue for NZ 189 Visa processing will have priority processing. The goal is to work through all complete NZ 189 applications currently in the queue by ANZAC Day next year.”

Check your supporting documents

If you have submitted an NZ 189 visa application make sure your supporting documents are up-to-date, including:

You need a valid passport to be granted a visa or citizenship.

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