NZ Citizen Family Relationship Visa (461)

NZ Citizen Family Relationship Visa (461)
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Date last modified: 04 July 2022

Protected Special Category Visa-holders

Eligible New Zealand Citizens, better known as Protected Special Category visa-holders, can no longer sponsor family members for a 461 visa, instead they need to sponsor their partner or child for a permanent visa.

Non-protected Special Category Visa-holders

The NZ Citizen Family Relationship Visa (461) allows a New Zealand citizen who holds a non-protected Special Category Visa to sponsor family members who are not New Zealand citizens. They can sponsor:

  • their partner
  • their child/step-child or their partner’s child/step-child
  • the dependent child their or their partner’s child/step-child.

All applicants, and the sponsoring New Zealand family member, must have passports that will be valid until the 461 visa is granted. If you change address or renew your passport update your ImmiAccount if you applied online, or use Form 929 notify the Department of Home Affairs.

If the Special Category Visa-holder sponsor is subsequently granted permanent residence they will need to sponsor their family members for a permanent visa when the current 461 visa expires.

You can no longer sponsor a parent for a 461 visa. In May 2017 the government announced a new five year Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa. The visa was expected to become available during the 2017/2018 financial year, but the legislation is still before the Senate. Sponsors must be an Australian citizen, permanent resident or Protected Special Category Visa-holder.


The application fees for NZ Citizen Family Relationship Visa applicants are:

  • primary applicant (partner) $385
  • additional applicant aged 18 and over $190
  • additional applicants aged under 18 $90

Processing time

The Department of Home Affairs reports processing times for New Zealand Citizen Family Relation Visa applications on its website.

Application form

NZ Citizen Family Relationship Visa application form 147


For more information refer to the NZ Citizen Family Relationship Visa (461) on the Department of Home Affairs website.

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