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Young Kiwis given access to student loans

Senator Kim Carr (Australian Labour, VIC).
Senator Kim Carr (Australian Labour, VIC).

30 November 2015

Student loans were supposed to be available to Kiwis from the beginning of the 2015 academic year. The LNP Government failed to deliver, dashing the hopes of many students who wished to further their studies at university.

Earlier this month Senator Kim Carr (ALP, VIC) tabled an amendment in the Senate that would allow some New Zealanders living in Australia to access student loans for tertiary study.

Details of the amendment

The Higher Education Support Amendment (New Zealand Citizens) Bill 2015 amends the residency requirements for HELP loans to allow New Zealand citizens who hold a Special Category Visa, providing they :

Students who meet these criteria on or after 1 January 2016 will be eligible for HELP.


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