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Oz Kiwi winding up

01 June 2024

Some news from us…

After 11 years of hard mahi / work by our volunteers Oz Kiwi will cease on 30 June 2024. Our website and Facebook page will remain live so you can access information.

There is now a fair and affordable pathway to Australian citizenship by conferral for New Zealanders living in Australia. Thanks to the Albanese Labor Government and our Champions on both sides of the Tasman.


We have created a timeline of our achievements and hurdles we had to overcome. From coming together in 2013 to form the Facebook group you know today, our petition being tabled in Parliament in 2015, and other key milestones that helped achieve our mission – a fair and affordable pathway to Australian citizenship.

You can honour Oz Kiwi’s work by applying for citizenship in the country you call home. The Special Category Visa (SCV) is only considered a permanent visa for citizenship purposes. In all other regards it is still a temporary visa, so you have no safety net. You many not want it but one day you may need it. You could have a disabled child or a work place accident, you or your child might want to study at tertiary level.

Federal election 2025

There will be an Australian Federal election in 2025. The LNP are already indicating they want to reduce migration. If they were to form goverment, they could increase the citizenship application fee, or remove the new pathway and reintroduce the expensive NZ 189 Visa. In the past they created a huge backlog by slowing down visa and citizeship processing.

Apply for Australian citizenship

It does take some time but you can do it at your own pace and upload your supporting documents as you receive them. Start your application today!

Below are some resources to help you apply for citizenship by conferral:

  1. Eligibility criteria for the new pathway.
  2. Home Affairs Residency calculator.
  3. Home Affairs Become a citizen Step by step tab. Note down the required information and supporting documents before starting your application.
  4. Citizenship FAQs.
  5. Cheatsheet if you have any issues with your application.
  6. Ask a question on the Home Affairs website.
  7. Home Affairs Technical support.

Options for Australian citizenship

Find out if you are eligible to apply for Australian citizenship.


Oz Kiwi is run by volunteers and entirely funded by public donations. Please consider donating to help Oz Kiwi advocate on behalf of New Zealanders living in Australia.

Thank you for your support.