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Has Oz Kiwi helped you?

Have you been granted a Resident Return Visa or the New Zealand 189 Visa? Or discovered you are a Protected SCV, or that your child can apply citizenship at age 10?

Oz Kiwi is run by a small team of volunteers, and entirely funded by public donations.

Donations are used to fund advocacy work:

  • meeting politicians in Australia and New Zealand
  • raising awareness of the issues for New Zealanders living in Australia
  • operating expenses such as website hosting, insurance, registration fees (ASIC and CAV).

Make a donation

Please consider donating to enable Oz Kiwi to continue its work. Even $5 will help. Thank you for your support.

About Oz Kiwi

Oz Kiwi is a Not for Profit, registered as a Registrable Australian Body with ASIC. Donations are not tax-deductible as Oz Kiwi is not a registered charity.

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