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Oz Kiwi is run by volunteers and entirely funded by public donations. Donations are used to advocate for the rights of New Zealanders living in Australia. Meeting with Senators and MP’s, in Australia and New Zealand, and raising awareness of the issues.

Any support you can give is gratefully received. Donations can be made by bank deposit.

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Oz Kiwi is a Not for Profit, registered as a Registrable Australian Body with ASIC.

Donations are not tax deductible as Oz Kiwi is not a registered charity.


Find out how you can help raise awareness about the issues for New Zealanders living in Australia, or volunteer to help Oz Kiwi.

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Lobbying Govt Canberra Wellington

Australian Parliament House, Canberra (Photo: Supplied) and Parliament buildings Wellington (Photo: Karolos Triviza).

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