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Canberra - day two report

10 November 2016
Australian Parliament House. Photo supplied.
Australian Parliament House. Photo supplied.

09 November 2016

Another successful day of lobbying in Canberra concluded on Wednesday. All those we met with are supportive and sympathetic to the issues we took to Canberra: NDIS, ADF, HELP loans, the new pathway, and income protection insurance.

We wrote to a number of politicians but due to scheduling were unable to be granted meetings in Canberra. Some we have arranged to meet at their respective electorate offices. Our volunteers took time off work to do this so were unable to attend for more than two days.

Over the two days we have held meetings with Senior Advisors or Chiefs of Staff for:

And met with Federal Members:

On Tuesday we met with senior bureaucrats from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to discuss the new pathway to permanent residence for New Zealanders. The meeting was very constructive and we are hopeful they can take our suggestions on board.

Wednesday concluded with a two hour meeting with the New Zealand High Commission. Obviously we can't divulge the content of our meeting. We are encouraged by their engaging with Oz Kiwi and with their support. The NZHC are working at the diplomatic level with the Australian and New Zealand Governments, and the relevant agencies on issues that impact on Kiwis living in Australia.

Oz Kiwi needs your help

What would really help to advance our cause is to have our supporters speak to their Federal MPs.

Even if you can't vote, your Federal Member represents you so call them or write an email and follow up with a phone call to discuss your concerns. Attend a public meeting or mobile office in your electorate. We need you to help educate politicians on the issues - what affects you and what would you like to see changed?

Time and again we have met with politicians who have Kiwi connections: they have a Kiwi relative or their Chief of Staff is a Kiwi. Politicians also get approached by Kiwis looking for assistance; when they have fallen on hard times financially or health wise, or barriers such as their child being unable to access tertiary studies.


Entrance to Parliament House


The Oz Kiwi team outside Parliament House


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