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NZ Labour leader Andrew Little supports Kiwis in Oz

Andrew Little, Leader of the NZ Labour Party.
Andrew Little, Leader of the NZ Labour Party.

A message of support from Andrew Little's Facebook page

10 May 2017

Over my time as Labour Leader, I've met plenty of Kiwis uncertain about their futures under National. Now that's extending to Kiwis over the ditch too, as the Australian Government has decided Kiwis will have to pay international fees to study there. (That's while Aussies here pay domestic fees only.)

This article by The Wireless NZ speaks with some of those New Zealanders who've made the move across the ditch. Now they're feeling shocked and let down - as Jordan Zheng describes it, “I contribute to society, but I get no rights.” This is a harsh move from the Australian Government, but it's also a failure of Bill English and National to stick up for the rights of Kiwis over there. I will.


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