Ardern to discuss citizenship pathway with Morrison

Morrison Ardern annual leaders meeting
Scott Morrison and Jacinda Ardern are among dignitaries at a dinner during the annual Australia-New Zealand Leaders’ Meeting. (Photo: SBS News)


31 May 2021

In an interview with Radio New Zealand this morning, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern mentions she will raise with Scott Morrison issues around the pathway to citizenship for Kiwis living in Australia. In particular the 2016 cutoff that means “there are now New Zealanders who have been in Australia for five years who are not eligible.”.

Jacinda Ardern on Scott Morrison visit

31 May 2021

Morning Report, Radio New Zealand

Listen: Ardern on Morrison visit

There have also been public spats over Australia deporting New Zealand citizens under its immigration policy.

On Sunday Jacinda Ardern acknowledged the two nations’ different approaches, but said Australia was family.

Radio NZ article, Ardern on Morrision visit.

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