Kiwis in Oz: Covid subsidies end, can’t claim benefits

Sydney Harbour RNZ
Sydney Harbour (Photo: Photo: 123rf)

26 February 2021

Radio NZ – Nine to Noon

There’s growing concern for many New Zealanders in Australia as temporary covid JobKeeper payments cease, while they remain ineligible for any other support. The Morrison government agreed to giving eligible New Zealanders employed before Covid a fortnightly subsidy, but these payments are due to expire at the end of next month, leaving those Kiwis with no financial support.

New Zealanders living in Australia can’t claim the unemployment benefit or insurance and are ineligible to apply for citizenship, no matter how long they have lived there. Today marks twenty years since Kiwis’ rights were revoked under social security and citizenship laws. Rights advocates say this has lead to an underclass, describing Kiwis in Australia as ‘second class citizens’. Inaugural chairman of advocacy group Oz Kiwi, David Faulkner tells Kathryn Ryan things have been getting progressively worse for New Zealanders living in Australia over the last 20 years.

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