Not eligible for any Coronavirus payments?

Write to your Federal MP or Senator
Social Services Minister Anne Ruston is aware of the issues faced by non-protected SCVs and has the power to assist them during the Corona Virus pandemic.

Contact the Social Services Minister

04 April 2020

The Australian Government has confirmed they will not give temporary visa holders, including non-protected Special Category Visa-holders Kiwis access to JobSeeker payments during the #COVID19 pandemic.

All New Zealanders residing in Australia can receive the new JobKeeper wage subsidy, if their employer is eligible.

The Minister for Social Services Anne Ruston is aware of the situation faced by SCV Kiwis, and has temporary powers to financially assist them. Please contact her office to help Kiwis gain access to financial support during the Corona Virus pandemic. Senator Anne Ruston’s contact details are:

Canberra office (02) 6277 7560
South Australia office (02) 6277 7560.

Our website has resources for contacting Federal MPs and Senators Senators represent a state/territory not an electorate. Look up your electorate on the Australian Electoral Commission website.

You can also contact your Federal Member. They still represent you even if you can’t vote.

Educate them on the issues for Kiwis on the Special Category Visa. Tell them why you can’t access JobSeeker and why you can’t “just go home” because you’ve lost your job. Give the issue a human face. Tell them your story, and how the Corona Virus pandemic affects your whanau.

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