Australian govt rules out additional support for temporary visa-holders

Media release: Coronavirus and Temporary Visa holders
Australia’s Acting Immigration Minister Alan Tudge has ruled out support for temporary visa-holders during the Coronavirus crisis.

Oz Kiwi opinion

04 April 2020

This is constantly evolving situation. Oz Kiwi will continue to advocate for a better deal for New Zealanders living in Australia who are impacted by the Corona Virus crisis. Kia kaha.

There are 2.17 million people presently in Australia on a temporary visa, including:

Non-protected Special Category Visa-holders can access some Centrelink payments and can access JobSeeker Allowance after residing in Australia for 10 or more years. Protected Special Category Visa-holders can access all Centrelink payments.

Below is an extract from a media release by Australia’s Acting Immigration Minister Alan Tudge.

Media release: Coronavirus and Temporary Visa holders

The Hon Alan Tudge MP

Acting Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs

Saturday 04 April 2020

New Zealanders on 444 visas

New Zealanders and Australians have reciprocal arrangements whereby we can each stay and work in each other’s country. There are more than 672,000 New Zealanders in Australia on a subclass 444 Special Category Visa.

New Zealanders who are on 444 visas and arrived before 26 February 2001 will have access to welfare payments and the JobKeeper payment.

444 visa holders who arrived after 2001 have access to the JobKeeper payment. They do not have access to JobSeeker or other welfare payments.

New Zealanders should consider returning to New Zealand if they are unable to support themselves through these provisions, work or family support.

[Read the full media release by Acting Immigration Minister Alan Tudge].


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