New Zealanders call on Australian government for COVID-19 support

Jason Killick and Katrina may soon be out of work.
Jason Killick and his wife Katrina may soon be out of work. They run Killick Family Funerals and have lived in Australia for 13 years. (Photo: Supplied)

24 March 2020

Jarni Blakkarly – SBS

As business shutdowns come into effect in some states, New Zealand citizens living in Australia as non-protected Special Category Visa-holders fear they will be left destitute as they do not qualify to receive COVID-19 support packages.

Advocates of New Zealander rights in Australia such as Liza Cox from campaign group Oz Kiwi, said the New Zealand government need to step up and push the Australian government to provide support. She said while it has been standard Australian government policy since 2001 not to provide New Zealanders living in Australia with welfare support, the “extraordinary circumstances” surrounding COVID-19 warranted a different approach.

At a press conference on Tuesday New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she had sought a short term exemption for New Zealanders to access welfare in Australia with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. [Note: No such exemption has been made]

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