New Zealanders in Australia with disability ‘second class’

Mayley Goble has cerebral palsy.
Julie Goble and daughter Mayley, who has cerebral palsy. (Photo: Stefan Armbruster/SBS News)

28 February 2020

Stefan Armbruster – SBS

New Zealanders denied disability support are hoping Jacinda Ardern will take the issue up with Scott Morrison.

Despite paying taxes and the NDIS levy, New Zealanders who have come to Australia since 2001 cannot receive many social services and have taken the issue to the disability Royal Commission.

Australians moving to New Zealand qualify for support after two years.

New Zealander Julie Goble lives on Queensland’s Gold Coast with her husband and their second child, 14-month-old Mayley. Mayley was born in Australia and has cerebral palsy. Early intervention in cases like Mayley’s is considered critical for quality of life.

Benefits stripped

Benefits were stripped from New Zealanders coming to Australia in 2001 onwards with legal changes to the ‘special category visas’ (SCV) introduced for them in 1994.

Currently, there is at least a five-year waiting period from arrival after which New Zealanders on SCV visas can begin the process of applying for Australian permanent residency, their first step to citizenship.

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