Urgent need to overhaul migration laws to protect domestic violence victims

Urgent need to overhaul migration laws
Urgent need to overhaul migration laws as temporary visa-holders face additional hurdles when seeking help for family violence. (Photo: SBS AAP)

10 December 2018

Rhiannon Elston – SBS

Women on temporary visas face extra barriers to leaving violent partners and urgent changes to Australia’s migration laws are needed in order to protect them, a new report claims.

The Path to Nowhere report, endorsed by 44 national and state organisations working to prevent violence against women, lists the threat of deportation and fear of having to leave children behind as some of the additional obstacles women living in Australia on temporary visas face when considering whether to leave a violent partner.

The report recommends the Australian government urgently expand eligibility for family violence provision.

It has also called for expanding access to Centrelink, Medicare and support services to ensure temporary visa holders are able to access help when needed.

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