Australian deportation policies bad for trans-Tasman relationship

New Zealanders returning home
The travel arrangements between Australia and New Zealand is one of the most seamless in the world. (Photo Brett Phibbs)

Australian deportation policies bad for trans-Tasman relationship, High Commissioner Chris Seed says

12 September 2018

Lucy Bennett – Political Reporter, NZ Herald

Australia’s deportation policies are not good public policy and are corroding the transtasman relationship, New Zealand’s High Commissioner Chris Seed has told an Australian Government Committee today.

Seed told the Joint Standing Committee on Migration New Zealanders were disproportionately represented in the number of people being deported under Australia’s strict policies. In less than two decades, the rate had increased from around one a week to more than one a day.

High Commissioner Chris Seed told Australia’s Joint Standing Committee on Migration there was “acute concern” about the application of its deportation policy to the long-term New Zealand residents of Australia. (Photo: Brett Phibbs)

“The vast majority of New Zealanders who move here do very well. We’re more employed, we pay more tax than any migrant group. We’re arguably the easiest integrated. It’s a great success story. Its the same of course for Australians who move east,” Seed said.

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