Bridging visas

Bridging Visa (BVA)
Bridging Visas not required by New Zealanders applying for the NZ Stream 189 Visa. (Photo: Department of Home Affairs website)
Date last modified: 11 November 2018

New Zealanders do not need a Bridging Visa

New Zealand citizens do not require a Bridging Visa when applying for a permanent visa, such as the NZ 189 Visa. The Special Category Visa (SCV) does not expire, so will remain in effect until the permanent visa is finalised.

The Department of Home Affairs have a “one size fits all” computer system. SCVs may be advised they have been granted Bridging Visa A. The Bridging Visa status is “in-active” because you already hold a substantive visa, the SCV.

Do not apply for Bridging Visa B in order to travel overseas.

Bridging Visa status
Extract of the letter sent to a New Zealand 189 Visa applicant showing that their Bridging Visa A is Not active.

Withdrawing a visa application

If you have incorrectly applied for Bridging Visa B in order to travel you can withdraw the visa application using Form 1446. Use Form 1424 to request a refund, but you may not be entitled to one.

Non-NZ family members

Family members residing on a 461 Visa will require Bridging Visa A (BVA) if their current visa expires before the new visa is granted. 

Holders of an active BVA should apply for and be granted Bridging Visa B (BVB) before travelling overseas. You cannot apply for a BVB outside Australia.

Further information

Applying for the NZ 189 Visa? See Step 4 After you apply on the Step-by-step tab, and refer to the Bridging Visa information on the Home Affairs website.

Use VEVO to look up your visa status.

Have a question?

Email the 189 (NZ) stream processing team, phone the Department of Home Affairs on 13 18 81 or contact them via social media. Please do not provide your personal details on a public forum.


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