ALP national conference 2018

ALP Conference 2018

08 September 2018

The Australian Labor Party 2018 National Conference will be held from Sunday 16 to Tuesday 18 December 2018 at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Non-party members can attend the conference as an observer for $400, or join in the discussion at the various Fringe events for $30.

The Australian Labor Party have a Consultation Draft of their National Platform outlining the ALP’s policies in preparation for the next Federal Election.

Other political party conferences

Please note,The Liberal Party and The Nationals only allow members to attend their conferences. Non-members can attend the Australian Greens conference to be held on 17 to 18 November 2018 in Springwood, Blue Mountains, NSW. There is also a National Council Greens VIC conference on 22 to 23 September 2018.


Australian Labor Party support a fair citizenship pathway for all New Zealanders

Australian Greens support permanent residency for New Zealanders arriving in Australia

Liberal National government introduce new permanent visa for New Zealanders

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