NZ Defence Force children campaigning for citizenship by grant

NZ Defence Force families
NZMB Citizenship Status Action Group – a group for New Zealand children born outside NZ to parents on Crown Service. (Photo supplied).


Children born outside of New Zealand before 1 January 1988, to parents on Crown Service, became New Zealand citizens by descent. Those impacted are generally the children of New Zealand Defence Force personnel. New Zealand citizens by descent cannot pass New Zealand citizenship on to a child born outside of New Zealand. For a select few it can mean their child is stateless.

An amendment to the New Zealand Citizenship Act (1977) now sees the children of Defence Force personnel, born overseas on or after 1 January 1988, granted full New Zealand citizenship by grant. Unfortunately, the amendment is not retrospective.

NZMB Citizenship Status Action Group

The Citizenship Status Action Group has been established by people born to New Zealand Defence Force families. Formed by members of the New Zealand Military Brats (NZMB) they are campaigning to become New Zealand citizens by grant.

Registration form

NZMB Citizenship Status Action Group are gathering case studies of people affected to support their campaign.

If you were born outside of New Zealand to parents on Crown Service please complete the Citizen Status Action Group Registration Form.

Defence Force families


Find out more about the NZMB Citizenship Status Action Group on their Facebook page.

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