Jacinda Ardern on her political life

The Conversation interview
Jacinda Ardern discusses her political life with Michelle Grattan. (Photo: The Conversation)

01 March 2018

Michelle Grattan from The Conversation spoke to NZ PM Jacinda Ardern in Wellington before she left for Australia this afternoon.

PM Ardern mentions that citizenship issues for Kiwis living in Australia is one topic on the agenda. She also reiterates that New Zealanders have a 10% higher workforce participation rate and tend to earn more.

Jacinda Ardern on her political life

1 March 2018

Michelle Grattan – The Conversation

Podcast: Jacinda Ardern on her political life

Ahead of her second visit to Australia, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern spoke to Michelle Grattan about the toughness of Australian politics, her ambitious policy plans, and the demands of being a young high-profile female leader that everyone wants to know about.

On the New Zealand refugee offer, Ardern told The Conversation it “still obviously sits on the table but it’s absolutely Australia’s prerogative as to whether it is taken”.

[Read the The Conversation article].

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