Recently returned from overseas?

Use VEVO check your visa
Date last modified: 18 November 2018

Are you a New Zealander with permanent residency through the Resident Return Visa (RRV), NZ 189 visa or a partner visa? Have you recently returned from an overseas holiday?

Check your status via VEVO account after returning to Australia.

Australian Customs can’t see your visa status in their system so you need to say you are a Permanent Resident.

If you are a Permanent Resident ensure your visa’s travel facility is valid before you re-enter Australia.

Protected Special Category visa-holders do not need a travel facility.

At the airport

If you use SmartGate you may not be processed correctly. Go to the Customs counter to ensure the Department of Home Affair’s system doesn’t reclassify you as an Special Category Visa-holder.

If you’re not sure ask the Immigration Officer at the counter just beyond Customs to verify your residency status.

Keep a print out of your visa grant notice with your passport when you travel.

Applied for citizenship?

Once you have received your citizenship approval letter you do not need to renew the travel facility but you must check your residency status with the Immigration Officer before leaving the airport.

Keep a copy of your citizenship approval letter and visa grant notice with your passport.

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