New Zealand, Australia’s junior ANZAC partner

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Australia’s deportation of Alex Viane is yet more evidence of how it treats NZ as the junior partner in the ANZAC relationship. (Photo: 123RF.COM)

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The deportation of a man from Australia to New Zealand who has never even set foot in the country, and whose family are all Australian citizens, has been generating controversy in New Zealand.

Unfortunately, this seems to be another case where Australia has decided that its ‘sovereign right’ to do whatever it wants trumps any consideration for its neighbour and closest ally.

15 January 2018

Editorial: New Zealand, Australia’s junior Anzac partner

Opinion: Alex Viane appears to be a New Zealand citizen almost by accident. Born in American Samoa 40 years ago, he moved to Australia as a teenager. His parents and most of his family are Australian citizens. He has never set foot in New Zealand.

Yet, Viane will soon be here – banished from Australia, the country where he has lived for the last 25 years and where he has a partner, two daughters – one adult and one a toddler – a grandchild and a large extended family network.

By his own admission, Viane has “no hope of contributing positively” to New Zealand society. He has a history of repeated offending. He knows no-one in New Zealand and has “no ties, no job prospects and no home” on this side of the Tasman.

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Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said Australia should only send back people who have genuine affiliations and roots in New Zealand.

Don’t expect the Australians to pay any attention to that. Treating New Zealand as the junior partner in the Anzac relationship seems to have become their default position.Hi

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