Brisbane man’s 21st becomes deportation to NZ

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The Australian Government’s deportation policy is really getting out of control.

A young man who came to Australia from New Zealand as a six year old has been deported after receiving two minor convictions for which he received fines totalling $2,000 and getting into a fight whilst celebrating his 21st birthday – a matter for which he was charged, but which has not yet been heard in court.

Although some of his actions may have been unwise, the Immigration Department’s actions show a shocking disregard for the proper administration of justice and appear to take no account of the fact that this young man is a product of Australian society.

Brisbane man’s 21st becomes deportation to NZ

Listen: Brisbane man’s 21st becomes deportation to NZ

A night out celebrating his 21st birthday in Brisbane has turned into exile in New Zealand for a young man. His mother has spent the last week settling him into his new life in Christchurch, before returning home. Neither of them can believe he’s been deported from Australia after a night out with his mates.

[Read the Radio NZ article].

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