Australians to be blocked from free study

The free tertiary study for Kiwis starts with one year next year, moving up to three years in 2024. (Photo: 123RF)

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A new Bill in the New Zealand Parliament will prevent Aussies accessing free tertiary study directly. There will be a 3 year stand down period before they become eligible.

The same rule would apply to Kiwi non-residents of New Zealand. This will cause issues for Kiwis living in Australia, especially if the Higher Education Reforms were to pass here meaning non citizens face full fees to study.

Australians to be blocked from free study

22 November 2017

Nicholas Jones – NZ Herald

Key facts:

  • Tasman neighbours must have lived in NZ at least 3 years.
  • Families across the Tasman are taking note of New Zealand’s free tertiary scheme – but unless they have lived here long-term they will be locked out.
  • The Labour-led Government will roll out a year of free study from next year, eventually implementing three fees-free years from 2024.
  • Students from Australia currently pay the same fees as locals in New Zealand, and the same applies for Kiwis living in Australia.
  • The annual domestic fees for a Bachelor of Arts at Melbourne’s Monash University total about $7765.

“Any Australians wanting to take up fees-free tertiary study will need to meet the three-year residence requirement that currently applies to accessing interest free student loans and student allowances. This will also apply to other residents from different countries,” Hipkins said.

“Australians who have been ordinarily resident in New Zealand for less than three years will continue to pay domestic fees.”

Currently Australians pay domestic student tertiary fees but cannot access student loans or support unless they live here for at least three years.

New Zealand expats currently in Australia could return or send students and their siblings to stay with relatives while studying, National’s education spokeswoman Nikki Kaye said.

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