New Legislative Instrument – PSCVs

The Minister for Immigration signed a new Legislative Instrument (LI) this week with essentially the same terms as the current LI. The new LI is valid until 1 October 2027. Under the LI Protected Special Category Visa-holders (PSCVs) are classed as permanent residents for the purpose of citizenship, and can apply for citizenship without paying for PR first.

Please note: this does not impact on New Zealanders eligibility to apply for RRV or the NZ 189 visa.

Oz Kiwi do not apologise for reminding people to apply for citizenship. We were concerned as we were unable to verify that the Minister for Immigration would issue a new Legislative Instrument.

Oz Kiwi still strongly recommends that Protected Special Category visa-holders (PSCVs) apply for citizenship. This is the best way to ensure your rights are protected in Australia.

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