The Govt is seeking submissions on Australia’s Visa System

02 August 2017

The Australian Government is seeking your views on what Australia’s visa system should look like. Submissions on the Policy Consultation Paper – Visa Simplification: Transforming Australia’s Visa System close at midnight 15 September 2017.

The Policy Consultation Paper looks at:

  • simplifying Australia’s visa arrangements
  • temporary and permanent residence
  • modernising Australia’s visa arrangements.

Temporary and permanent residence

Oz Kiwi would particularly encourage supporters to write about their experience of living in Australia on the Special Category Visa and the difficulties in obtaining permanent residency. Use the information below to help prepare your submission.

Key statements

  • Temporary visas are for specific, short-term activities (ie visit, study, temporary skilled work) only.
  • Temporary visa holders do not have an automatic right to permanent residence.
  • Permanent visas allow for the stay of persons whose long-term residence in Australia will benefit the Australian community.


  • What distinctions should apply to temporary and permanent visas?
  • What requirements should underpin a migrant’s eligibility for permanent residence?
  • Should a prospective migrant spend a period of time in Australia before becoming eligible for permanent residence? What factors should be considered?

Use the Department of Immigration & Border Protection web form to submit your views by midnight 15 September 2017.

Find more information about the Public Consultation Paper.

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