Gerry Brownlee: Sealing Australia-New Zealand bonds forged by time

New Zealand Foreign Minister Gerry Brownlee (Source: the Australian).

New Zealand Foreign Minister Gerry Brownlee had an opinion piece published in The Australian today.

‘I hope New Zealanders who have hopped the ditch maintain their Kiwi identity, their vocal support for our rugby players, cricketers and yachtsmen, and enjoy the gentle banter that comes with every trans-Tasman interaction.

They should know they do not need to relinquish their New Zealand citizenship and will always be welcome back home as a dual national. But I encourage all of them to understand their visa status, to investigate the new pathway to Australian citizenship opening this month and, if eligible, apply.’

Sealing Australia-New Zealand bonds forged by time

5 July 2017

Gerry Brownlee – The Australian

New Zealanders who uproot their families and move across the Tasman are motivated, educated and hit the ground running. They are big contributors to the Australian economy. Most are in full-time employment — earning above-average wages and paying more taxes than the average.

The contribution made by New Zealanders is recognised by Australians. This year’s Lowy Institute poll recorded that 53 per cent of Australians felt New Zealand is Australia’s best friend.

There have, however, been real impediments to applying for Australian citizenship for New Zealanders who moved to Australia after 26 February 2001, and have been living long-term on the temporary visa all New Zealanders receive. The Australian government’s decision to remove many of those obstacles by creating a new pathway to Australian citizenship, specifically for New Zealanders, will make a meaningful difference for the thousands of Kiwis who call Australia home.

[Read the full opinion piece in The Australian, may pay-walled].


See the Department of Home Affairs website for details about the Skilled Independent (subclass 189) (New Zealand) stream visa eligibility criteria and how to apply.

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