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TVNZ’s Sunday programme will screen at 5.30 pm Sunday 25 June 2017 (AEST) and can be viewed TVNZ’s Facebook page. (Photo: TVNZ)


Sunday screens at 5.30 pm AEST

New Zealanders living across the Ditch say they’re being treated as guest workers after the latest Australian Government-led erosion of their rights.

Kiwis there pay taxes but can’t vote, can’t become civil servants, can’t get disability insurance, and now have to pay more to go to university.

Meanwhile, Australians in New Zealand have all the rights that have been taken away from Kiwis in Aussie. Has the Trans-Tasman relationship become too one-sided?

Will our Government stand up to our ANZAC big brother?

Reporter: Mark Crysell

Producers: Louisa Cleave, Jo Mitchell

Camera: Ken Dorman

Editor: Phil Brown

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