TVNZ Sunday discusses Trans-Tasman relationship

Family featured on TVNZ Sunday on 25 June 2017.

On 25 June 2017, TVNZ Sunday asked the question: “Should Australians living in NZ be treated the same way Kiwis are treated in Aussie?”

Oz Kiwi has never supported treating Australians in New Zealand in the same way that Australia treats New Zealanders.

We believe to do so would be wrong, hitting yet another group of hardworking individuals and families with arbitrary and unfair restrictions on their rights and creating a permanently disillusioned and disenfranchised minority within New Zealand.

It would also do nothing to improve the situation of Kiwis in Australia. New Zealand would surrender the moral high ground and the number of Australians affected would be too small proportionally to register significantly in Australian political debate.

However, if the current situation continues, there is a significant risk a future New Zealand government could go down this path, if only to be seen to ‘stick it to the Aussies’ and restore some national pride.

Watch the full programme on TVNZ’s Facebook page.

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