Response from the Māori Party

We thank the Māori Party for taking the time to provide their response.

02 June 2017

The Māori Party are in favour of bringing in reciprocal legislation to the way New Zealanders are treated in Australia to strengthen the ANZAC spirit that historically underpins the two nations.

We agree with the recommendations for policy change to repeal legislative changes enacted since 2001 that have reduced the rights of SCV-holders.

The Māori Party was founded on the initiative for tāngata whenua to achieve self-determination with whānau, hapū and iwi within Aotearoa, New Zealand, for the benefit of all people of this country.

As such, we are not in support of the measures pertaining to limited pathways to citizenship post 2001, New Zealanders barred entry to the Defence Force, National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Act (2013), HELP Student Loans and Income Protection Insurance.

The Māori Party do support the New pathway to permanent residence for New Zealanders – from 1 July 2017 granted it equalizes the rights to New Zealanders living in Australia in areas such as unemployment benefits, sickness benefits, single parent benefits, employment in public service, employment in defence force.


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