You can help stop the uni fee increases

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18 December 2017

The Australian Government has announced that it is scrapping plans to charge New Zealanders full fees for tertiary education.

You can help stop the uni fee increases

05 May 2017

Many supporters have been asking how they can help stop the changes that would forces Kiwis attending university to pay full fees

The best way you can help is to contact the following politicians. We still have an opportunity to block the changes in the Senate and we need their support.

Please phone as many politicians as possible on this list. Phone calls are generally much more effective than emails – politicians receive fewer of them and you get an immediate response.

Tell them how the changes will affect your family and how they undermine decades of trans-Tasman reciprocity that benefits the citizens of both nations.

Please be polite, and explain how the fee increase will impact on you and your family.

Tanya Plibersek MP, Shadow Minister for Education (ALP): 02 6277 4404

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, Greens Education Spokesperson 02 6277 5819

Rebekha Sharkie MP, Nick Xenophon Team Education Spokesperson: 02 6277 2113

Senator Pauline Hanson, One Nation Leader 02 6277 3184

Senator Jacqui Lambie: 02 6277 3063

Senator Cory Bernardi: 02 6277 3278

Senator David Leyonhjelm: (02) 6277 3054

Given his performance yesterday, it may not achieve much, but you could also consider expressing your concerns to New Zealand’s Foreign Minister, Gerry Brownlee. Letting his office know your thoughts may, at least, be a cathartic experience!


New Zealand Special Category Visa holders who arrived as dependent minors and have resided in Australia for ten years are still eligible for a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) and HELP. Currently enrolled students can continue as a CSP while in their current course of study.  Read the Higher Education Reforms FAQs for more information.


Write to your Federal MP and Senators

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