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31 May 2017

The NZ election is on Saturday 23 September 2017. We encourage those eligible on this side of the Tasman to take the opportunity to enrol and vote in the election

Oz Kiwi have contacted a number of political parties to ask their position is on:

  • the trans-Tasman relationship; and
  • New Zealanders rights in Australia; and
  • what they will do if they form Government or become part of a coalition that forms Government.

Below is the response received from the Green Party of Aotearoa.

Aotearoa Greens

Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand

17 May 2017

The relationship between New Zealand and Australia is close and important. We think it remains strong, though is under pressure from some recent decisions by the Australian government.

After the Election, the Green Party would work through the NZ coalition Government with the Australian Government to improve the rights of Kiwis in Australia. In particular, we are critical of recent changes to university fees, and the ongoing issue that Kiwis living in Australia are not eligible for many of the entitlements and benefits that Australians living in New Zealand are.

We are open to various ways of rectifying these issues, recognising that full reversal of the 2001 changes is a good goal but we might have more success addressing particular issues one by one. Healthcare, disability support, and tertiary education would likely be our priorities.

Aotearoa Greens statement on new PR visa for New Zealanders in Australia, 19 February 2016: Australian citizenship pathway is only a good start

Visit the Green Party website.

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