Student loans for Kiwis come at a high cost

Education Minister Simon Birmingham says the new university reform package deserves to pass the Parliament. (Photo: Louise Kennerley)

1 May 2017

Oz Kiwi opinion

If the government’s Higher Education Reform Package is passed by the Senate SCV New Zealanders would be able to access HELP for their tertiary fees from 1 January 2018, but would no longer pay subsidised fees. In other words, course fees would increase dramatically. For example, the fees for a four-year Teaching degree would be $69,500 and for a Medical degree $209,300.


New Zealand Special Category Visa holders who arrived as dependent minors and have resided in Australia for ten years are still eligible for a CSP and HELP. Currently enrolled students can continue as a CSP while in their current course of study. Read the Higher Education Reforms FAQs for more information.

Fee increases and earlier loan repayments under Budget university package

1 May 2017

Matthew Knott – The Age

University graduates will be forced to pay back their HECS debts when they start earning just $42,000 a year and student fees will rise by 8 per cent under the Turnbull government’s higher education changes.

Universities will also be hit with funding cuts through a 2.5 per cent efficiency dividend in the package, designed to save the budget $2.8 billion in total over the next four years.

Fees would increase by a maximum of $3,600 for a four-year course, with students paying 46 per cent of the cost of their degree on average – up from 42 per cent currently.

Under the proposed Higher Education Reforms SCV Kiwis would pay the New Fee plus the Subsidy amount. 

[Read The Age article].

Find out more in the Higher Education Reform Package (pages 18 and 19).

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