Push for equal partnership

Tough talk needed: Advocates for Kiwis living in Australia say MP John Key, left, needs to take up their case with Australian counterpart Tony Abbot in February 2015. (Photo: Getty Images)

Yet again, over the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen some in New Zealand asking ‘why should we care about people who’ve left NZ?’

To them, we say the issues we wrote about a few years ago are just as true today as they were then. Australia’s policies affect not only Kiwis in Australia, but all New Zealand citizens, limiting their opportunities within an increasingly unified trans-Tasman economy.

We could even add to the list of problems we identified.

A week ago, young New Zealanders had the choice of 51 universities at which they could study at subsidised domestic rates. Today, it looks like they will soon have a choice of only 8.

If New Zealand politicians are not seriously concerned by the ever-shrinking rights and opportunities of New Zealand citizens within what is supposed to be an effectively borderless Australasia, they are derelict in their duty.

[Read Dr Timothy Gassin’s opinion piece].

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