Oz Kiwi need your help!

05 May 2017

Oz Kiwi want to empower our supporters to help us, and yourselves, to effect positive change. Don’t feel like you can’t do anything.

How you can help

We need you to:


If you are a dual citizen, or have Aussie friends or family who can vote, let the politicians know that you/they can vote at the next Federal election around 2018/19. The more politicians who know this, the more leverage we have.

Apply for citizenship

If you are eligible for citizenship, especially if you are a Protected Category Visa-holder (PSCV), you should apply for citizenship. The proposed citizenship changes do not affect PSCVs as they are considered permanent residents while in Australia.


If you have found the Oz Kiwi website useful, please consider donating. Oz Kiwi is run by volunteers and entirely funded by public donations.

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