New Zealanders treated as ‘second class citizens’ in Australia – Peters

The NZ First leader says that NZ citizens are badly treated in Australia (Getty Images)

Gary Denvir

Winston Peters says the latest move against Kiwis living in Australia, to treat them like foreign students paying full tertiary fees, is yet another example of the disdain we’re now treated with.

Previously they were treated like Australian students who’re subsidised.

The New Zealand First leader says much has been made about the great relationship between our Prime Ministers, when clearly nothing could be further from the truth.

Mr Peters said we’re always being told how Australia are our great friends, which has turned out to be “bull dust” when it comes to the way they treat us.

He believes “our people are second class citizens in Australia”

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Gerry Brownlee will meet with his counterpart Julie Bishop in Canberra on Thursday where the issue will be discussed, but he won’t be saying Australians here should be treated the same.

Mr Brownlee insists it’s not a tit for tat situation, and would rather explore whether this move is a budgetary matter for the Australians or the latest in a list of things we can expect.

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