Fight the changes to Higher Education changes


18 December 20017

Kiwis studying at Australian universities will retain their access to government-subsidised fees.

The Australian Government has scrapped legislation that would have seen a significant fees rise for New Zealanders studying in Australia, after the Bill stalled in the Senate.

Australia would go ahead with some reforms that were part of its higher-education reforms, but none that required legislation.

Fight the changes to Higher Education changes

07 May 2017

Are you a Kiwi currently studying in Australia?

Will you, your friends, or family be affected by the higher education funding changes?

Don’t just accept them. Join us in fighting them!

We need Kiwi students to help us gain wider support to oppose the changes.

Raise the issue with the following individuals and groups, ask for them to stand up for Kiwi students:

Explain the impact that the changes will have on you and people you know. Also, emphasise how the changes undermine the long-standing freedom of movement of students between the two countries. The changes are an attack on an arrangement that has been beneficial to the people of both nations.


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