Australian Labor Party oppose increased uni fees for Kiwis


25 May 2017

Today Australian Labor sent Oz Kiwi a video message for all New Zealanders from Tanya Plibersek, Member for Sydney, and Jim Chalmers, Member for Rankin, in relation to the Government’s proposed Higher Education Reforms.

Jim and Tanya did not have to do this. Irrespective of your politics, we have a common goal, which is the preservation of the trans-Tasman relationship and reciprocal rights between Australians’ in New Zealand and New Zealanders’ in Australia.

Jim Chalmers, MP for Rankin QLD and Tanya Plibersek, MP for Sydney. (Source: Australian Labor Party May 2017)


Last week Jim Chalmers and Tanya Plibersek wrote to Oz Kiwi announcing Australian Labor will be opposing the Coalition government’s attempt to make Kiwis pay full fees for University.

Click image to view the complete letter.


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