ABC’s Q&A: live from the Gold Coast Monday 15 May

Tony Jones, host of ABC’s Q&A programme (Photo: ABC)

The ABC’s Q&A programme will be broadcasting live from the Gold Coast on Monday.

The Q&A panel

Simon Birmingham – Minister for Education
Chris Bowen – Shadow Treasurer
Larissa Waters – Queensland Greens Senator

They’re interested in hearing from those who are the losers in this year’s budget – unfortunately, Kiwis, that’s you!

Please send them a question and, if you’re based on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane (as so many Kiwis are!), sign up to be in the audience.

We need to make sure that the anger of Kiwis at their shabby treatment is heard loud and clear and that politicians are publicly held to account for this. Remember to always be polite but firm.

Join the Studio Audience

Register to be part of the live studio audience. If you’ve already registered they will contact you if there is availability.

Ask a question

Submit a question you’d like to ask the panel. You can even submit a video question.

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