Will the proposed ‘four years PR before citizenship’ rule apply to you?


18 October 2017

The proposed citizenship changes will not be implemented after the Citizenship Amendment Bill was struck down by the Senate today. Oz Kiwi can now confirm that current citizenship law applies.

Anyone granted the New Zealand Stream 189 Visa will be exempt from having to reside in Australia as permanent resident for four years.

Will the proposed ‘four years PR before citizenship’ rule apply to you?

30 April 2017

A number of supporters have messaged us to ask whether they must reside as a permanent resident for four years when applying for citizenship after 20 April 2017. The answer depends on two factors, if:

  • the Bill amending the Citizenship Act 2007 (Cth), already passed by the Lower House, is passed by the Senate; and
  • if there are any concessions contained in the Bill for New Zealanders.

The Citizenship Amendment Bill must be passed by 18 Oct 2017 or it will be struck off the Senate Notice Paper and cannot pass.

Protected Special Category Visa-holders are considered permanent residents whilst in Australia and therefore will not be impacted by the proposed changes.

You can help us by reading the regular updates on Facebook and our website before messaging us. Each time we have to answer your questions it takes our volunteers away from Oz Kiwi’s objective of lobbying to stop this policy or get concessions.

Please note that we cannot provide you with information on a Bill we haven’t seen, and that probably hasn’t even been drafted yet.

How you can help

We cannot stress enough that the policy announced on 20 April 2017 is not law. So we have the opportunity to stop it from becoming law. To assist us do this, and therefore help yourselves and fellow Oz Kiwi’s:

    • write to MPs, Senators and cross benchers;
    • lodge a submission to Immigration before 1 June 2017 on Strengthening the Test for Australian Citizenship; and
    • make a donation – Oz Kiwi is not-for-profit, run by volunteers, and entirely funded by public donations. Donations help Oz Kiwi advocate on behalf of New Zealanders living in Australia.

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