Who to contact to stop the citizenship changes

Write to your Federal MP or Senator

Some of our supporters have asked which politicians they should contact.

Write, call or, meet with as many MPs and Senators as you like. When writing, keep it clear and concise, simply tell your story. Please be respectful, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

In addition to your Federal MP and State Senators, we suggest you write to:

    • Peter Dutton MP, Minister for Immigration (LNP, QLD)
    • Alex Hawke MP, Assistant Minister for Immigration (LNP, NSW)
    • Shayne Neumann MP,  Shadow Minister for Immigration (Labor, QLD)
    • Tony Burke MP, Shadow Minister for Citizenship (Labor, NSW)
    • Senator Penny Wong Opposition Leader in the Senate (Labor, SA)
    • Senator Nick McKim (Greens, TAS) Immigration spokesman
    • Senator Jacquie Lambie (JLN, TAS)
    • Senator Nick Xenophon (NXT, SA)
    • Senator Skye Kakoschke-Moore (NXT, SA)
    • Senator Stirling Griff (NXT, SA)
    • Senator Pauline Hanson (PHON, QLD. Note that One Nation have a reasonable policy for New Zealanders to gain citizenship)
    • Senator David Leyonhjelm (Liberal Democrat, NSW)
    • Senator Darryl Hinch (Justice Party, VIC)
    • Senator Lucy Gichuhi (Independent, SA)

Look up MPs and Senators contact details.

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