Contact Turnbull and English about the citizenship changes

New Zealanders now face a four year wait to apply for citizenship instead of one year.


18 October 2017

The proposed citizenship changes will not be implemented after the Citizenship Amendment Bill was struck down by the Senate today. Oz Kiwi can now confirm that current citizenship law applies.

Kiwis in Australia have every reason to feel angry today.

20 April 2017

For the last 14 months, the Australian and New Zealand governments have been telling them they should be happy because they’ve established a ‘new pathway to citizenship’ that will allow many to apply for Australian citizenship after 12 months.

Today, only two months before the ‘pathway’ was to open, the Australian Government has shifted the goalposts. Now, Kiwis who seek to use this pathway, or, indeed, any other pathway, will face a four year wait for citizenship eligibility after being granted permanent residency.

It is dispiriting that, yet again, the Australian Government has acted in a way that has shown contempt for New Zealanders in Australia and for the New Zealand Government.

What can you do

We urge supporters to contact the offices of Malcolm Turnbull and Bill English to tell them to fix up this mess and put the pathway back on course in the form in which it was initially promised.

Malcolm Turnbull (02) 6277 7700

Bill English +64 4 817 6801

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