Citizenship changes

Proposed citizenship changes
It’s official – the government is planning to change the requirements to become an Australian citizen.


18 October 2017

The proposed citizenship changes will not be implemented after the Citizenship Amendment Bill was struck down by the Senate today. Oz Kiwi can now confirm that current citizenship law applies.

If you thought you could apply for the new visa announced by Key and Turnbull last year and then seek Australian citizenship after a year, you may just be out of luck. [Malcolm Turnbull has since clarified NZ 189 visa-holders are exempt].

The new requirements will mean that you will have to spend four years in Australia as a holder of a permanent visa before applying for citizenship. The time you’ve already spent as a non-protected SCV-holder will count for nothing.

How you can help

If, like us, you think these changes are complete nonsense, please contact your MP and Senators. We need to stop the changes from getting through Parliament.


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