Australia shifts goal posts for citizenship just before ANZAC Day

Image by Gnangarra, used under CC BY 2.5 AU licence)

It has shocked many Kiwis that the Australian Government has completely shafted them only a few days before ANZAC Day.

The Australian Government’s shifting of the goalposts for citizenship eligibility is certainly a slap in the face to Kiwis in Australia.

However, we can use the unfortunate timing of these changes to our advantage.

Almost ever politician in the country will be attending ANZAC Day ceremonies and events tomorrow, presenting an opportunity to make our voices heard.

If you attend an ANZAC Day event tomorrow, try to find any politicians in attendance and make sure to tell them that the changes announced on Thursday are unacceptable. Tell them how they will affect you and your family. Be polite, but firm.

Whatever you do, though, please do not disrupt commemorative events. This would be disrespectful to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our two nations and be counterproductive to our cause.


Help stop the proposed changes to the citizenship process

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