WA Election Day Saturday 11 March 2017

04 March 2017

The WA state election is on next weekend, Saturday 11th March. If you live in WA and can’t vote in the election, then why not do something about it?

  • tell your local State MP about the issues for Kiwis in Australia
  • speak to the candidates in your electorate about the issues

Email their office or post on their Facebook page explaining why you and/or your family can’t become citizens. Tell them what getting citizenship would mean to you, for example it would allow you to vote or enable you (or your children) to access HELP loans for study.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is state operated and partly state funded so tell the candidates that post 26th February 2001 arrivals can’t access the NDIS but help fund it with their taxes.

Don’t know your electorate?

Find your WA electorate.

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