NZ General Election Sat 23 September 2017

Prime Minister Bill English announced today that the New Zealand General Election will be held on Saturday 23 September 2017.

If you are a New Zealand citizen, including dual Australian and New Zealand citizen, who has been in New Zealand (even for a holiday) in the last 3 years you are eligible to vote.

New Zealand Permanent Residents who have been in New Zealand within the last 12 months can also enrol to vote. 

Check or update your enrolment details via to the NZ Electoral Commission website to ensure you are registered to vote.

You may think why bother, or it is not compulsory, but this is your chance to lobby politicians in New Zealand to support change and be a stronger voice from Wellington on the issues faced by non-protected SCVs living in Australia.

Your vote can influence who forms the next Government in New Zealand, and therefore the extent to which they will lobby and support New Zealander’s living in Australia. Don’t underestimate for one second the power you have.

We have already had meetings with NZ politicians, they want your vote, some of them need your vote, but make them earn it. Ask your MP and the candidates in your electorate to confirm their position, and their parties position, on this issue. Direct them to the Oz Kiwi website for further information.


Voting from overseas

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