Media coverage of joint leadership meeting 2017

New Zealand Prime Minister Bill English met with his Australian counterpart Malcolm Turnbull in Queenstown today (Photo: Getty Images)

17 February 2017

Media covering today’s joint leadership meeting between Bill English and Malcolm Turnbull.

NZ and Australia PMs want to breathe life into stalled TPP deal – Radio NZ

New Pathway Visa – Radio NZ also report on the income concessions for some New Zealanders applying for the new visa. Malcolm Turnbull estimates 60,000 Kiwis will be eligible for the new visa. Watch the video from 1m 40s.

NZ PM English hosts Turnbull for annual talks – Sky News

New Pathway Visa – according to this Sky News report there will be an income concession for Kiwis living in Australia whose work is interupted due to injury or carer responsibilities. If their injury or carer responsibilities prevent them from meeting the $53,900 income threshold, they can still apply for the new visa.

Oz Kiwi will endeavour to confirm the exact details for the income consession.

English, Turnbull pledge to work together on the future of the TPP – Stuff

English said he welcomed Turnbull’s announcement of greater flexibilities in the implementation of the pathway to citizenship for New Zealanders who are long-term residents in Australia.

It recognises the importance of the bilateral relationship and the strong people links between the two countries.

Australia’s treatment of New Zealanders living in Australia has been a bone of contention, because it has denied those working there without citizenship the same access to welfare as its own citizens.

Turnbull has adopted a more conciliatory stance on the issue.

NZ and Aust to work together to salvage the TPP – Radio NZ

Turnbull pays tribute to dead pilot who died fighting Port Hill fires – NZ Herald

Turnbull in NZ for talks with English – Radio NZ

Mr Turnbull also said there would be no further announcements on the pathways to citizenship for New Zealanders living in Australia, which was agreed at last year’s meeting.

Turnbull to visit NZ counterpart Bill English to strengthen ties – ABC News 24

Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull in NZ: I want to learn the country’s secrets – Stuff

Turnbull and English to meet amid global turmoil – Radio NZ

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