Australia Day

On Australia Day citizenship ceremonies are held across the country and are supposed to celebrate what brings  Australians together.

However, for many Kiwis in Australia, the words of politicians at these ceremonies, and other public events, often ring hollow.

Claims about social inclusion of migrants and ‘citizenship-based multiculturalism’ simply don’t match the experiences of the thousands of New Zealanders who live in Australia but are denied citizenship and equal rights.

On this day, we urge supporters to challenge their political representatives to address these absurd anomalies and create a fair pathway to citizenship for all New Zealanders of good character who have made Australia their home.

If you see a politician at an event today, tell them what you think of current policies and how they affect you, your family, or you friends.

If you’ll be spending the day at home or work, write a letter or e-mail. It doesn’t need to be long – even a short letter outling your personal experience can have an impact.

Look up your Federal MPs contact details. You can use our letter template and get some information on the issues for New Zealanders living in Australia.

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