John Key condemns proposed life ban for refugees

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has used his strongest language to date on the way Kiwis are treated in Australia. Key has also condemned the proposed life ban for people currently on Manus Island from ever entering Australia.

Prime Minister Key is correct in saying this will create a second class of Kiwi citizen. Those former refugees who arrived by boat after mid July 2013, and resettled in New Zealand, will never be able to enter Australia despite having NZ citizenship.

The Turnbull Government’s proposed ban could lead to the Coalition accepting an offer from New Zealand to resettle 150 refugees a year. The offer has been on the table for the past several years.

It is a shame that Key defends people who are not yet New Zealand citizens but has not always been so vocal in advocating for those Kiwis living in Australia.

Please be polite in your comments and emails to Prime Minister Key. This is not about denigrating refugees, comparing Kiwis situation to that of refugees or being abusive towards refugees or John Key.

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