Oz Kiwi Policy Options Paper

Write to your Federal MP or Senator

In preparation for our meetings in Canberra in 2015 Oz Kiwi developed a policy paper outlining how the key issues for New Zealanders could be resolved or re-shaped. It is continually updated as things change eg HELP loans for young Kiwis who grew up in Australia.

We have been told by politicians and policy advisors in both Australia and New Zealand that they refer to our policy paper and give the document to colleagues. Take a look at it!

Oz Kiwi Policy Paper.

One way you could help achieve our goals – a fair pathway to citizenship for all New Zealanders in Australia – is to share your story with your Federal MP or Senator. Even if you can’t vote they represent you.

You can find a template letter and a link for finding your representative on our Write to an MP or Senator page.

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